Racing "Suhaili" 50 years later

In 1968 9 men raced against time and each other. Only one came back. After 312 days sir Robin Knox-Johnston became the very first person to sail solo nonstop around the World.
On 14th of June 2018 I shall sail my "Sea Witch" to race Suhaili around the World, solo and nonstop. They are almost identical boats, sharing the same hull lines (with an obvious difference in rigs).

I want to check if I can do that faster with some help from modern technology (mainly Iridium to give me access to weather information along the route).

But such a challenge means not only a huge physical, psychological and organisational effort, but also costly preparations, way beyond normal sailing. To cover these costs I decided to raise extra money through 

The campaing (as it should be in case of Witches) started on Halloween 2015 and lasted 28 days. Please visit to see the details:

This campaign fell short of the target but all who declared help subsequently paid promised sums into my Paypal account, which helped largely in equipping "Sea Witch" with new furlers, sails and basic electronics to keep us on the safe side (new quality VHF radio with AIS receiver and AIS transponder).

But there is still work to be done. It is planned that "Sea Witch" will undergo major works in Portugal, either in Algarve or Faro.
If you want to support this project and give us a chance to race against "Suhaili" please click the link below and support us. Any money raised through it goes to a separate account used only for that project.

Please send me your email if you donate so I can add you to a mailing list  to keep you updated about how this money is used
(please share that with all your friends, friends of your friends etc., tweet the link, write about that project, get it around. That helps!)

I hope I shall find a company willing to make some charitable contribution if I manage to make it faster, but I plan on raising money on justgiving anyway. I would like to ask everyone who wants to support this project to send me their ideas for whom we should raise money - my personal favourite is establishing a charity helping families of those fallen while realising their dreams. They put everything they had into their dream and when it failed - their families often were left with nothing and no one to support them.

Everyone interested in this project will be able to follow my progress on the project website thanks to tracking from Yellow Brick. I also plan to use Iridium to post short (costs!) notes there.



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